Intended Audience

HoraVision's Time Management System is intended for:

  • Believers of Planetary and Astrological/Jyotish Sciences.
  • Those who are willing to learn and try the system with an open mind and patience, and without unrealistic expectations.
  • Those who who realize that there are no guarantees in life, including the potential benefits or no benefits of using this system.
  • Users who understand that the individual as well as the combination of the seven primary planets of our solar system in the birth chart of every user, and their orbits could have a profound impact on humans on earth, in their hourly and daily lives, to varying extents. It has been so for thousands of years, as observed and recorded by the illustrious astronomers, astrologers, mathematicians, scholars and yogis.

It could help you the user to identify your more favorable hours during each day and night for performing your important tasks - irrespective of what those tasks may be - in order to improve your results and enjoy a better quality of life.

The magnitude and intensity of the results could be different for each individual from day to day and hour to hour, due to countless factors. So you will need to put your own daily favorable hours to good and productive use once you identify them, as that will likely move you forward in your life's journey. 







Basic System

The Chaldeans came up with this brilliant invention of a daily planetary horas (hours) system which is widely popular and has been used in different parts of the world for over a thousand years. We call that as generic, or universal, version of the system. 

The simple explanation of an Hora (hour) is that it is approximately one hour but not exactly sixty minutes in length, and is ruled by one of the seven primary planets. The first hour after sunrise each day is ruled by the planet which identifies with that day, like Sun with Sunday, Moon with Monday, etc. Each subsequent hour of that day is ruled by a different planet in the order of the farthest to the nearest from the earth, namely: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. For instance, Sunday's sequence of planets ruling each hour after sunrise would be:Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.  This cycle continues in that sequence, repeating itself from sunrise on one day to sunrise the next, day after day, week after week, month after month… forever.

Jupiter, Moon and Venus are generally (universally) considered natural benefics. Those who wish to keep it simple and do not want to spend much time on the improvised system, can use the daily Jupiter, Moon and Venus hours provided to carry out all their important tasks, irrespective of what they are. To do this, when you login you will see on the left side, the comment "Generally considered favorable" under the daily hours of Jupiter, Moon and Venus. These planetary hours will repeat 3 or 4 times during a 24 hour period every day, for days, weeks, months and years.

These users can ignore everything else on each page of the daily calendar. Those are provided as part of the improvised time management system for the users who are willing to spend more time to test the system and identify the 3 best favorable planets for each individual user, which may or may not be the generic (universal) recommendations namely Jupiter, Moon and Venus. More on this under "The Improvised Time Management System".

Now one might wonder, how is it possible that the same hours ruled by the beneficial planets are beneficial for everyone? The answer is it is not. In fact, the quality and intensity of the benefits will vary from individual to individual, based on countless variables and factors. We all know that no two humans have the same thumb impression. It is one of those marvels of creation. We need to learn to accept those variations without challenging them and use the beneficial hours each day for your (our) individual benefit.

You can note down the times of Jupiter, Moon and Venus every day and just use them to transact your important businesses/tasks. Over time, if you notice that these hours are working well for you, you can continue to use them. If you notice that these hours are not working well for you, perhaps you may consider testing the system as suggested under the "The Improvised Time Management System" and identify beneficial planets and their hours for you particularly.

Needless to say, there is no guarantee either system will work for you or for any user or not. We are dealing with cosmic bodies and they are not under our control. We are relying on the research and obseravtions recorded and passed on to us over thousands of years, which have generally been precise and dependable.

Mars, Saturn and Sun are  generally considered as unfavorable (malefic) planets. Therefore it is preferable to avoid using the daily hours of these 3 planets for important work. Mercury is considered a neutral planet. If necessary, Mercury hours can be used. Again testing could help. 


The Improvised Time Management System

As mentioned in the mission statement, this improvised system is based mainly on the research and knowledge provided in the masterpiece astrological treatise Brihat Jatakam,and the astronomical treatise Brihat Samhita, authored by Varaha Mihira. Brihat Samhita is a complilation of astronomical observations and research from several other authorities who lived long before Varaha Mihira.

Brihat Samhita mainly deals with:

  • Astronomy
  • Geography
  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Engineering
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Industries
  • Gemology
  • Hygiene
  • Stellar Lore
  • Planetary transits and more

Whatever subject the author Varaha Mihira takes up for delineation -whether it is eclipse, planetary movements, rainfall, clouds, gemology, architecture, water divination or another topic - it is discussed with the thoroughness and mastery based on the ancient sciences. Brihat Samhita also deals extensively with the transits of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, Conjunction of the Sun, Moon with other Planets and stars, the planetary triangle and many other topics that concern the earth and us, human beings.

As of now, we are aware of the orbits of the seven primary planets of our solar system (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon) and their impact and effects on earth and us. It is our belief that it would be to your benefit using Horavision's Improved Time Management System to identify from among the seven primary planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, your beneficial and unfriendly planets and work with that knowledge to make the best use of the HoraVision's Time Management System. 

The truth is, the 7 primary planets of our solar system have a lot more to do with our lives beyond the daily planetary hours (horas) system. The Hora Time Management System is one of many facets. As mentioned, human beings have close connections with the primary members of our solar system. Modern scientists have confirmed through discovery, the ancient information, that Sun-spots and solar flares have a direct bearing on heart attacks, irritability, headaches, mental and nervous illness, etc. The Moon affects us in a number of ways, especially during new moon and full moon days, and so do the other 5 planets in many ways.

 Why do you need to know your Benefic (friendly) and Malefic (unfriendly) planets?

Once you know your benefic (friendly) and malefic (unfriendly) planets it is easy to use the daily planetary horas time management system and benefit from its use.

The reason why we created this improvised system is to help the users to identify her or his benefic (favorable) and malefic (unfavorable) planets, which is very critical to know and put that knowledge to best use in taking advantage of the hora time management system. Each individual is born in one of the 12 zodiac signs as her or his ascendant. At birth each individual starts her or his life with one or more planets as benefics and one or more as malefics. In this life that blue print stays from birth to end of life. Astrologically speaking, each individual's benefic and malefic planets are mainly responsible for the ups and downs every individual goes through in life.

In Indian Astrology there are certain unique applications used in predictive astrology, which have been used effectively for thousands of years. They all centre around the good and bad effects of friendly and unfriendly planets of our solar system over an individual's life. It is worth mentioning, there are two important applications amongst many, besides the daily planetary hours time management system.

1. Planetary Divisions and Subdivisions of an individual's life, known as Dasas (main planetary ruling periods) and Antar Dasas (planetary sub periods).

This application is mentioned here just to emphasize the importance of identifying your benefic (friendly) and malefic (unfriendly) planets. We have personally used this fascinating predictive side in the past. Astrologically speaking, several thousands of years back human life expectancy was established at 120 years. These 120 years of an individual's life are ruled by the following 9 planets, each having domain over certain years in each individual's life. If the individual lived for fewer years, the planetary periods and sub periods are proportionately shorter. The divison of the 120 years by the 7 primary planets and the two nodes dragon's head and dragon's tail are provided below:

  • Sun 6 years
  • Moon 10 years
  • Mars 7 years
  • Rahu (dragon's head) 18 years
  • Jupiter 16 years
  • Saturn 19 years
  • Mercury 17 years
  • Ketu ( Dragon's tail) 7 years
  • Venus 20 years
  • Total = 120 years.

Dragon's head and tail are poisonus nodes (not planets) and are not part of the hora time management system. Each planet's ruling period is divided by  9 sub periods known in sanskrit as antardasas. The division further extends to sub-sub periods. During all these periods, the individual enjoys certain benefits during the peiods of her or his friendly planets and experiences difficulties during the periods of unfavorable planets. Again it is about the good and bad effects of friendly and unfriendly planets. It is all about the effects of the friendly and unfriendly planets.

2. Mathematical Strength of a horoscope is known as Sarvashtaka Varga (sanskrit word). 

This is a brilliant mathematical application used in Indian predictive astrology. The benefic and malefic places of a planet with reference to eight positions (the positions occupied by the seven primary planets and the ascendant at birth) are mathematically calculated. The result is the 12 houses of a horoscope has a total strength of 337. Theoretically each house is supposed to score 28 for a balanced life for an individual. That very rarely happens. 

In reality the 12 houses may score plus or minus 28. Some houses may score far below 28 and some houses may score much higher than 28. It is important to know when malefic planets transit the weaker houses, the individual is likely to have highly negative experiences in life. When benefic planets transit stronger houses, the individual may have very positive experiences in life.  As we all know, every individual goes through ups and downs in life. The severity could be different due to several reasons. They all pass with time.

When a benefic planet transits a weaker house the negative effects may be minimal. When a malefic planet transits strong houses, the negative effect may be minimum. When a malefic planets transits the weaker houses, the negative impact could be severe.These are some of the reasons why we keep mentioning the intensities of the good and bad effects of the daily planetary hours, varies hour to hour, day to day, individual to individual.  The take away message is, it is all about the good and bad effects of benefic and malefic planets.

As mentioned earlier, we could write a thousand pages on the applications of the 7 primary planets. This brief write up is on two important applications will give the user/reader some idea on the importance of knowing the benefic and malefic planets.

Though the user may be able to identify her or his benefic and malefic planets if the ascendant at birth is known, using the chart provided under option B in the user manual. A better method to identify the same is by testing the system as explained in option C of the user manual.

Using the guidance provided in the user manual, once you know your benefic and malefic planets, after recording your hourly observations, whether the hour was favorable or neutral or unfavorable for atleast 6 weeks, then the application is simple. Just use the daily hours ruled by your beneficial planets to carry out all your important tasks, irrespective of what they are, while avoiding the hours of your malefic planets. You can ignore the theory about the domains of each planet. For example, Saturn has domain over iron and foundries. You do not want to change your career and start a foundry. Those kinds of information are general in nature and may have use elsewhere, but not in this hora time management system.

The important takeaway here is to use the beneficial planets and their daily hours to carry out all important tasks and avoid using the daily hours of unfavorable planets known as malefics. That should be it. With the help of a daily calendar with daily planetary hours, you could plan your activities for the present as well for the future well ahead of time.

This is the CUSTOMIZATION PART OF THIS  IMPROVISED TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. You need to spend extra time for a few days to identify the planets which are beneficial to you individually and the planets which are unfriendly. You need to keep recording your observations as much as possible in the daily pages of the diary for a few days, as to whether the hour was favorable, or neutral or Unfavorable.

For some, the system may work like a charm. Knowing their beneficial planetary hours each and every day, codified by the colors and making use of them could be an amazing experience,.For some the experience could be less than amazing. 

You need to have faith and patience. Trying the system with an open mind is helpful. We need to keep in mind that this idea has survived for several centuries, perhaps even thousands of years, so it is likely to have its merits.

User Manual

This is a very ancient (thousands of years old) and simple Time Management System. Using it with consistency, patience and without unrealistic expectations, may help. For users this system could be a guide for life.

Based on the ancient and authentic knowledge, we have provided three options for the user, within the Horavision's time management system, Generic (A) and two Custom options (B) and (C). We encourage you to take a few minutes to review all the three options and then choose the one you are comfortable with. This is not a fly by night system that someone pulled from thin air. It has a strong foundation. However, we need to emphasize there are no guarantees on how the system will work or not work for you or any user.

The planets are on orbit 24x7. When the Sun and the six other planets of our solar system transit the various constellations during their orbits, varying intensities of their influences are caused on earth and experienced in our day to lives. This has been observed, researched and recorded by some of the ancient, brilliant minds, Astronomers and Astrologers. The information is public and open. HoravVision's Time Management System may help the user to  identify her or his favorable and unfavorable planets and their daily hours and efficiently manage their time accordingly.

Option A. Generic (Universal).

If you like to keep things simple and do not want to spend much time on this each day, this option may be for you. In this generic (universal)  option, Jupiter, Moon and Venus are generally considered favorable. Sun, Saturn and Mars are generally considered unfavorable. Mercury is a neutral planet.

Step 1: Log into the site, or the horavision mobile APP, either on Google Playstore or Apple store.

Step 2: In the daily hora planner, under the time on the left side, note the daily hours of the three beneficial planets, Jupiter, Moon and Venus identifed as "Generally considered favorable". On some days the hours are repeated three times and 4 times on some days in a 24 hour period. Use these hours to carry out all the important tasks, irrespective of what they are, considered by you, the user, as important.

You alone know what are your priorities and what is important for you every day. Use the daily hours of the three beneficial planets mentioned above to carry out all your important tasks.That should be it for Option A.

Saturn, Sun and Mars are generally considered unfavorable. Therefore, you want to avoid their hours every day for carrying out your important tasks. If you want to do something in a rush and if that hour is ruled by Mercury, it is ok to use it as it is considered a Neutral planet. 

The question may arise, how is it possible the good effects of these three favorable (beneficial) planets or the bad effects of the three unfavorable (malefic) planets are the same for every one? The answer is, it is not. The intensities of the good or bad effects will vary from planet to planet, individual to individual, hour to hour and from day to day, depending on several combinations of countless factors. That is how cosmos works for us.

The key is to use the beneficial hours as much as possible and avoid the unfavorable hours as much as possible to improve the quality of life. This system may help in that pursuit.

Option B

This is for those who know their Ascendant in their birth chart (horoscope) correctly cast. In that case your gourmet meal is cooked for you to eat and enjoy.We are providing below the favorable (beneficial), unfavorable and neutral planets for each of the 12 Ascendants starting from Aries and ending in Pisces. These rules are pretty much standard in the Astrological community around the world. Our source is, as referred earlier from Varaha Mihira.

You could start using your daily beneficial planetary hours right away. However we encourage you to use the Option C and keep recording your observations. This way you could be verifying whether your birth chart is cast correctly.  Below you will find the favorable (beneficial), unfavorable  and neutral planets for your ascendant. You want to use the daily hours of your beneficial planets and avoid the daily hours of your unfavorable (malefic) planets





Aries (Mesham)

Jupiter, Sun , Moon, Mars

Saturn, Venus  


Taurus (Rishabam) 

Mercury, Saturn, Venus 


Jupiter, Mars

Gemini (Mithunam)

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn


Mars, Venus

Cancer (Karkatam)

Moon, Jupiter, Mars 


Venus, Sun, Mercury

Leo (Simham)

Sun, Mars, Jupiter


Mercury, Venus

Virgo (Kanya)

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus 

Mars, Moon


Libra (Thula)

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter



Scorpio (Vrischikam) 

Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon

Saturn, Mercury  


Sagittarius (Dhanur)

Jupiter, Mercury, Sun


Mars, Saturn, Moon

Capricorn (Makaram) 

Venus, Mercury, Saturn

Moon, Sun

Mars, Jupiter

Aquarius (Kumbam)

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury

Moon, Mars, Sun


Pisces (Meenam)

Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Mercury

Venus, Saturn


That should be it for option B.

Option C

Ideally everyone should be using this option. This involves a few minutes of extra time for about 6 weeks, till you finish your testing period, to know your beneficial and unfriendly planets and their daily hours. There are no" ifs and buts" with this approach. When you are using option B, we are assuming your birth chart is cast correctly based on your accurate time of birth.  That approach comes with "ifs and buts". 

Step 1.

Login to the mobile app, Google or Apple or mobile web

When you login you will see the daily hora planner for the day and date you are reviewing which for this reveiew happens to be Wednesday, March 7, 2018. 

2. In the left top, you will see three bars. If you click on that, a menu opens up with the following options:

Home: This section has information about the basic hora time management system and  improvised time management system, user manual and few other important topics. 

Daily Hora Planner: This is where you are likely to be spending most of your time. It is fair to say, this section is the heart and brain of the system.

 Analysis: This is another important section. How to use this section is provided below. 

Profile: In this section, you can change your settings such as your password, theme color, language etc. It is worth mentioning, for theme colors, we made three most popular primary colors, Blue, Green and Violet available which have therapeutic value. In this example you can note, we have used the color green as the theme color.

Share: You could share the URL of this site with your family and friends, if you felt they could be benefitted from using this hora time management system.

Logout: You can log out once you are done with your use of the Daily Hora Planner. You can log back in any time you want.

3. In the left under the day and date, you will see the 1st planetary hora (hour) at sunrise for the day. On the right end you will see the planet that rules that hour. In this example, it is a Wednesady, 7th March 2018. On Wednesdays, the first planetary hora (hour) at sunrise is ruled by Mercury. In this example, at sunrise, at 6.39 AM, the Mercury hour starts.

4. Below the time you will see on the left, the comment on the nature of the planet, "Generally considered favorable or unfavorable or neutral". In this example the planet is Mercury and you see the comment "Generally considered Neutral".  

5. In the middle you will see three circles pink/ligt red, yellow and green and the suggestion "rate your experience".  From your experience on how this hour was, you want to click on one of the circles. If the hour was favorable, click on the green circle. If the hour was unfavorable, click on the pink/light red circle. Nothing significance happened in the hour, click on the yellow circle.

6. Rating your personal experience is an important process, as for various reasons, you could also find your experience contrary to the comment "generally considered favorable or unfavorable or neutral". In other  words, Jupiter, Moon and Venus may or may not be your favorable planets and it is possible they could be your unfavorable planets. Only by testing you will find out.

The best things in life are very simple. This hora system is no exception. Each of us have our own expectations, likes, dislikes, priorities and criteria to assess whether a particualr hour was good or bad or neutral. During the time we are awake a lot of things happen to each of us, some good, some not so good, some painful, some pleasant, some unpleasant, etc. This is your personal daily planning calendar and you are the sole authority to assess each hour and rate your experience whether favorable or neutral or unfavorable.

We all know no two hours nor two days in a row are the same for any of us. By consistantly recording your observations, you are likely to notice, certain planetary hours are consistantly favorable and certain are unfavorable. It is fair to say, astrologically speaking, it has been so from your birth. That experince is likely to continue till the end of your life. As briefly explained in the "The improvised time management system" certain planets have been favorable or unfavorable or neutral for you from your birth. You either identify them through the process mentioned above under option B or through testing covered in this section, option C. Once you have this intelligence, you may be able to use that for your benefit.  

As mentioned under "intended audience", this system is created and presented for the believers of planetary (astrological) sciences.

The system scores +1 for favorable, -1 for unfavorable and 0 for neutral. Try and rate your experience at the end of each hour if possible, every day for atleast  6 weeks. The system will be updating cumulative scores for each planet. We encourage you to review the cumulative scores as often as you like by visiting the "Analysis" section.

7. To review your personal planetary scores, click on the three bars at the left top. That will open up a menu. Click on the option "analysis". You will see the cumulative scores for each of the 7 planets, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

8. From the planetary cumulative scores table made available in the analysis section, choose the top 3 planets from the "favorable" column with maximum +(plus) signs next to each. They are your favorable planets. You want to use their daily hours to carry out all your important tasks. From the "unfavorable" column choose the 3 planets with maximum minusses. These 3 are your unfavorable planets and you want to avoid their daily hours to carry out your imptant tasks. It is as simple as that and there is no need to complicate the process any further.

9. For your convenience, the system lists the top three favorable planets and the three unfavorable planets below the analysis table.

10. For this hora system,  all that you need to be concerned about is, your favorable and unfavorable planets and their daily hours. Several other attributes of these 7 primay planets have use in other applications and not in this hora time management system.

In a few days, you may notice a pattern emerging, a few planets will keep scoring more plusses and a few scoring less plusses or minusses. Once you identify your favorable planets, you may be able to plan your present and uture activites. 

11. Changing the location

If you like to change your default location (your default location is the one you chose when you initially signed up to use this system). If you are visiting another city or country, you could choose that location to use the hora system for your planning. Guidance to change the location is provided below:

a. In your daily hora planner, please click on the location (your city)..

b. In your mobile phone, when you click on the location, it will open a search option above with the word "search". You can start typing in there the name of the city you like to see the daily planetary horas (hours) for that location. You will see several cities and you want to click on the city that matches your need. Your daily planetary hours (horas) will open up for the new city/location chosen. You can go back to your default location by following the same process described above.

In your desk top, when you click on the location in your daily hora planner, it will open up another box with a few locations with names similar to your default city. You can keep your cursor at the end of the first city at the top and delete that city using your back space. Now start typing the location (city) you need. You can save these settings. You will see the daily planetary hours (horas) for the location chosen. You can again go through the same process to get your default location back.

c.You can click on the date or the calendar next to the date which will open the calendar. You can choose any past or future date in the current year for your location for your planning purposes. 

In the unlikely event all the 7 planets, over a period of time scored nearly equal plusses or minusses, then this system may not be for you. However, if you like the system and would like to use it, perhaps you may use option A.

To the best of our knowledge this is the only site in the world, which is providing the three different options in a dialy hora planner.  

You could use the beneficial planetary hours every day, to do all that is important to you, personal as well as professional. Though it is not a good idea to generalise what could be good tasks as they are very personal to each user However, just mentioning a few amongst many tasks, such as making business and personal phone calls, emails, texting, conversations, deal making, meeting with people (family, friends, clients etc) who matter, medical and business decisions, etc and all that matters to youThat is all there is to this option C.

Once again, there is no need to complicate the use of this ancient and simple system any further. The best resources in this world are simple and available in abundance such as air, water, herbs and others.  

From time immemorial, it has been established by scholars, astrologers, and spiritual masters, from our birth for each of us, for various reasons, some planets are friendly and some are not.  During some periods of our lives their positive and negative influences are more or less pronounced. Reasons why it is so has no place in an application like this. Our goal is to make the best use of the daily planetary hours of our beneficial planets and improve the quality of our lives. Horavision's time management system may help in that pursuit. Again we remind the users, there are no guarantees.

This tool could be a lifetime companion and guide for any user. It has to be used with faith for a long time to get the best out of it. When you start using the hours of your favorable planets, for some of you the effects may be stunningly good, if at the time when you start using the system your beneficial planets are in favorable positions in birth charts as well as in transits.

When your friendly planets are transiting in unfriendly territory of your birth chart, or your unfavorable planets are visiting the unfriendly territory during transits, beneficial effects could be minimal and or difficulties with variying intesities may be experienced. This is a cyclical phenomenon and on going 24x7x365x100+ years of your life. Thefore their intensities are going to be fluctuating. That simply is the universal law and reality. We just recognize the pattern and enjoy the gift.

Allow a few weeks for the system to work. Planets are constantly in orbit at different speeds, maintaining a relationship with you and with the rest of the planets. There are aspects and conjunctions between and amongst them, which have something to do with the intensities of their effects on our daily lives. Hence allowing sometime helps to get the desired results over time.

You may agree, destruction is momentary but construction is a life long process in any meaningful pursuit. We encourage you to construct and build whatever you do in your life with the help of this system in addition to whatever else you are using to help you, by just spending a few minutes each day or each week. This tool could be your lifetime companion and personal guide.

Though there are 10 known planets, which are members of our solar system, we are influenced by only 7 primary planets, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Our seven days of the week are ruled by only these 7 primary planets. We have been using these week days for thousands of years.The other three planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are too far away and do not have any significant influence over our lives, though they are believed to be responsible for some of our technological evolution.

The names of the 7 days of our week are derived from the 7 primary planets, Sun (Sunday), Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), Mercury (Wednesday), Jupiter (Thursday), Venus (Friday) and Saturn (Saturday). 

 168 hours planetary horas (hours) per week split by the 7 primary planets, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

In other words, you  could be having 24 hours x3 beneficial planets = 72 beneficial hours per week and 72 hours of unfavorable hours each week. This is an approximate estimate. You could be experiencing more beneficial hours from more than 3 planets or less beneficial hours from less than 3 planets. The same can be said about unfavorable planets and their hours. That is why we keep insisting to test the system to get more accurate results.

It has also been established and acknowledged that the 24 hours of a week day are ruled by these 7 primary planets, in a certain repetitive and cyclical pattern. Once again, the sequence is, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

Sundays start with Sun hour at sunrise followed by Venus hour and the sequence continues, the 24th hour ending in Mercury hour, letting the Moon hour start at sunrise on Mondays. On sundays Sun rules the 1st hour at sunrise, then the 8th, 15th and 22nd hours followed by other 6 planets, namely Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

For each planet the same is the sequence of ruling, the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd hours of each day.

In the hora system, one hora is close to an hour but not exactly 60 minutes due to several reasons. 

Sun hour will be repeated four times in a period of 24 hours, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the other four days Sun hour repeats 3 times, thus totalling 24 hour per week..The other 6 planets also repeat their hours in a similar way on different days. If you multiplied and added you will note that each planet rules a total of 24 hours each week, If you multiplied 24 hours ruled by the 7 planets the total hours per week is 168 hours.

Moon repeats four times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, thus ruling a total of 12 hours in 3 days and ruling 3 hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, ruling 12 hours. Moon thus rules 24 hours per week Rest of the planets does the same on different days.

By using the generic (universal) recommendations, you are restricting using only three so called friendly planets, Jupiter, Moon and Venus, which could also be your unfriendly planets. You could be missing out on the major positive influences of the other 4 planets, which could also be your friendly planets and not the other three. Therefore testing of the 7 planets becomes necessary to get superior results. 

Testing is likely to tell you what have been your friendly, neutral and unfriendly planets from your birth. You can work with them for the rest of your live.

Are there limitations? YES, like everything else in life. Are there guarantees? Of course not. After using the system for a few weeks, you will be able to decide whether the system is helping you in a significant way, if yes, you can continue using the system. 

168 hours per week ruled by 7 planets x 52 weeks = 8,736 hours.

If you recorded your observations by the hour at the end of the year, THEORETICALLY,  the maximum score will be 8,736 per 52 weeks. split between 7 planets. Your score card could display that, though unlikely, as it is not realistic that you will record your observations every hour. That is just the theoretical maximum horas (hours).

The planet with the maximum plusses is your #1 choice. The next top scorer is your 2md best. The next top scorer is your 3rd choice. Similarly, you want to avoid 3 of your worst minus scorers in their order of minusses scored or less plusses scored. You will find these in the analysis section as explained above.

Conistancy and patience may help.

. If possible kindly drop a note on your experience which could help us fine tune the system in our next release.

Horavision wishes you and your loved ones with good health, success, peace and prosperity.





Mystic Number 7

The number 7 is mystical, magical and significant and influences our lives in a number of ways.

Whether we like it or not, for thousands of years, there have been only seven days in a week, no more and no less. These 7 days, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday carry the names of the 7 primary planets and identified with, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

On the subtle human level, in the eastern yoga system, practised all over the world, 7 chakras (centers) are identified in a human body. The seventh chakra in the human system is known as Sahasrara (Sanskrit word for one thousand) which is also known as thousand petal lotus on top of the head known as fontanel. It is believed in yoga (meaning union of the human soul and the universal soul) and as written in scriptures this 7th chakra has to open through self realization and meditative (yoga) practices for salvation of the human soul. Believers understand this truth. Non believers can ignore this statement.

Both in the eastern and western classical music systems, there are only 7 primary notes which creates several thousands of combinations of tunes. In the Indian classical music they are called RAGAS. For centuries classical music has been recognized as a Soul awakening resource and for deep focussed meditation. Certain Ragas have been known to heal illnesses, help plants and bring rain when needed most. 

It is believed there are a few who are gifted with a 7th sense, with which they expeience extra ordinay accomplishments. That accounts for several perceptions, revelations, inventions and innovations recorded from the dawn of human evolution and civilisation.

This is being mentioned here for what it is worth and for the benefit of beleivers of the scriptures and the yoga system, as an important reference to the number 7.  There are a number of other sevens related to humans and this is not the platform to delve deep into that area. 

Now we can learn about the 7 primary planets and their daily planetary hours (horas) and their influence in our day to day lives and use the knowledge for our benefit in a tangible ways.

24 Planetary Hours


1st hour Sun 8th hour Sun 15th hour Sun 22nd hour Sun
2nd hour Venus 9th hour Venus 16th hour Venus 23rd hour Venus
3rd hour Mercury10th hour Mercury17th hour Mercury24th hour Mercury
4th hour Moon 11th hour Moon 18th hour Moon
5th hour Saturn 12th hour Saturn 19th hour Saturn
6th hour Jupiter 13th hour Jupiter 20th hour Jupiter
7th hour Mars 14th hour Mars 21st hour Mars


1st hour Moon 8th hour Moon 15th hour Moon 22nd hour Moon
2nd hour Saturn 9th hour Saturn 16th hour Saturn 23rd hour Saturn
3rd hour Jupiter 10th hour Jupiter 17th hour Jupiter 24th hour Jupiter
4th hour Mars 11th hour Mars 18th hour Mars
5th hour Sun 12th hour Sun 19th hour Sun
6th hour Venus 13th hour Venus 20th hour Venus
7th hour Mercury14th hour Mercury21st hour Mercury


1st hour Mars 8th hour Mars 15th hour Mars 22nd hour Mars
2nd hour Sun 9th hour Sun 16th hour Sun 23rd hour Sun
3rd hour Venus 10th hour Venus 17th hour Venus 24th hour Venus
4th hour Mercury11th hour Mercury18th hour Mercury
5th hour Moon 12th hour Moon 19th hour Moon
6th hour Saturn 13th hour Saturn 20th hour Saturn
7th hour Jupiter 14th hour Jupiter 21sr hour Jupiter


1st hour Mercury 8th hour Mercury 15th hour Mercury 22nd hour Mercury
2nd hour Moon 9th hour Moon 16th hour Moon 23rd hour Moon
3rd hour Saturn 10th hour Saturn 17th hour Saturn 24th hour Saturn
4th hour Jupiter 11th hour Jupiter 18th hour Jupiter
5th hour Mars 12th hour Mars 19th hour Mars
6th hour Sun 13th hour Sun 20th hour Sun
7th hour Venus 14th hour Venus 21st hour Venus


1st hour Jupiter 8th hour Jupiter 15th hour Jupiter 22nd hour Jupiter
2nd hour Mars 9th hour Mars 16th hour Mars 23rd hour Mars
3rd hour Sun 10th hour Sun 17th hour Sun 24th hour Sun
4th hour Venus 11th hour Venus 18th hour Venus
5th hour Mercury 12th hour Mercury 19th hour Mercury
6th hour Moon 13th hour Moon 20th hour Moon
7th hour Saturn 14th hour Saturn 21st hour Saturn


1st hour Venus 8th hour Venus 15th hour Venus 22nd hour Venus
2nd hour Mercury 9th hour Mercury 16thhour Mercury 23rd hour Mercury
3rd hour Moon 10th hour Moon 17th hour Moon 24th hour Moon
4th hour Saturn 11th hour Saturn 18th hour Saturn
5th hour Jupiter 12th hour Jupiter 19th hour Jupiter
6th hour Mars 13th hour Mars 20th hour Mars
7th hour Sun 14th hour Sun 21st hour Sun


1st hour Saturn 8th hour Saturn 15th hour Saturn 22nd hour Saturn
2nd hour Jupiter 9th hour Jupiter 16th hour Jupiter 23rd hour Jupiter
3rd hour Mars 10th hour Mars 17th hour Mars 24th hour Mars
4th hour Sun 11th hour Sun 18th hour Sun
5th hour Venus 12th hour Venus 19th hour Venus
6th hour Mercury13th hour Mercury20th hour Mercury
7th hour Moon 14th hour Moon 21st hour Moon


Tables information

One of the main reasons why we call our system "Improvised Time  Management System" is, the use of this table. This table has been provided from the authoritative work of the illustrious VARAHA MIHIRA, who wrote about 1,500 years ago the classic Astrological treatise "Brihat Jatakam" and Astronomical treatise "Brihat Samhita"., which have been and are reference sources, for many scholars, mathematicians and astrologers around the world. It is a masterpiece. Other authorities who came centuries before and after Varaha Mihira have concurred on this precious information.

Since we have only 7 primary planets of the solar system to work with, this friends, neutrals and enemies table becomes extremely important to take full adnatage of the hora system, without which the Chaldean, daily planetary hours system will be incomplete. 

There are days you may want to carry out important personal or professional work but the hours of your favorable planets may not suit the purpose. You can pick the friendly planet of your favorable planet from this table and use that hour. .



































1. For example, on every Monday, the day starts with Moon hour (hora) at sunrise. Over time, with testing, and from your cumulative planetary scores, which you will find in the anlysis area, if you identify, Moon has scored more positive numbers in the cumulative column for Moon, you will know, Moon is your friendly planet and Moon hours are beneficial for you.

2. You will notice from this reference table, Sun and Mercury are friends of Moon and therefore, Sun and Mercury hours are likely to be better for you on Mondays. Though Venus and Saturn are neutrals for Moon, you want to avoid the hours of Venus and Saturn because Moon is an enemy of both Venus and Saturn as noticed from the table.

3. Moon being a friend of Mars, on Tuesdays, Moon hours could be beneficial. Moon being a friend of Sun, Moon hours on Sundays may be beneficial.


We emphasize on testing over time to accomplish superior results. 

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